Friday, June 4, 2010

W/E June 4 Week In Review

Very hot so lots of watering. The ground is drying out deeply so the watering is about every other day. Weed when I can - the lack of rain helps here.

Pests - bugs are aplenty. 2 weeks ago we saw a mockingbird on the ground probing the defenses (berry area is netted) of the netting by jumping into the net, moving a few feet, and jumping again. Smart bird. Last weekend same scoundrel was ON TOP of the netting and bouncing - trying to get that ripe berry sticking straight up on the branch - no kidding!!!! This morning I saw him inside the netting (snuck in a corner) - he tried to hide but panicked - repeatedly flying into the net trying to get out - he finally found the loosely tied seam and escaped.

Missed a zucchini growing and picked it today - huge.

Salad this week w/ lettuce, radishes, carrots, bell pepper from the garden.

Ate green beans 2 x this week for dinner - we're about to get overrun.

Fruit salads had fresh berries, incl. blues. I put some fresh mint in mine.

Rice/corn/black bean salad for lunch - added a jalapeno from the garden. Yum.

Picked another 2 quarts of berries yesterday. Made some turnovers (16 - 2 consumed) to freeze/keep till winter if need be. Probably will pick another 2 quarts tomorrow - likely freeze them.

Checked on the cucumbers - little nubs a few days ago but they're almost ready to harvest in a day or so. CUCUMBER SORBET COMING!!!!!

Melons are starting to take off - little fruits can be seen.

Onions still a couple of weeks out.

Tomatoes very healthy - the heat no will no longer allow fruit set so what's on there is it, but plenty there.

Planted some cilantro seeds a week ago - sprouting.

More tomorrow.