Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gardening update

All my plants from seed are up except for the cilanto. The radishes took about 3 days, the carrots aabout 10-14 days, and the spinach came up last night. No seedlings yesterday but there today - 7 day germination.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Planting Done

Apology for the delay. Last weekend I planted and finished this afternoon. All of my plants were starter plants that can be found at local nurseries or home centers.

I planted the following:

green lettuce
red leaf lettuce
romaine lettuce
buttercrunch lettuce
red cabbage
green cabbage
radishes from seed (already germinated and sprouted)
carrots from seed

Yesterday we bought a "gourmet" lettuce pack from Walmart and I planted it today.

Today I also planted cilantro from seed and spinach from seed. Spinach germinates when it is cool and will not germinate if it is too warm. Last year I bought starter plants and did seed, and both were fine (once it cooled down - 1st seed planting failed and I read up and found out why they did not sprout). I am hoping the early part of the week will be cool enough to germinate. If not I'll have to wait.

I also planted garlic from cloves. I bought 4 head at the store and pulled the cloves apart, and set them in the tilled soil (stem down). They'll sprout and overwinter fine, and by May will be ready for harvest. We may run out of this years harvest by next spring - they keep well in the pantry (used three cloves w/ the roasted potatoes tonite - mmmmmmmmm).

Finally, i dug up some blackberry volunteers and reset them along the fencerow. Hopefully they'll take.

I water everything well and keep the soil damp where I planted from seed. I water the starter plants well once planted. I've been watering about every other day with it being warm and dry. Once plants are established I can back off on the watering, or until it rains.