Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest Info

Romaine lettuce bolted. Bolting is when plants go to seed, and it appears Romaine is prone to bolting. We've harvested the other lettuces some already, as well as radishes. The first round of spinach is leafing out and we may pluck some leaves in a few days. The "gourmet" pack from Walmart has done really well, and the greens have a great spicy note to them. Not sure if its the endive, radicchio, or arugula but it is really good and productive as well. Although the 4-pack was about $3.50, well worth the price so far.

I've planted 3 more rows of spinach and they're all sprouted, as have the carrots and garlic. I also did a second round or radishes. Yum all.