Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Update

I planted radishes over i think 6 week intervals this fall, either weekly or bi-weekly. Still have some in the ground. I went out on a limb by starting things so early - seemed to work out. the broccoli was not in the stores until October, so the first harvest was about 2 weeks ago. What I have ready that otherwise would have waited till spring is the cabbage and carrots. Will probably pull the first head of cabbage for slaw this weekend. The lettuces, arugula, and spinach have all been at the ready for 2 months now. About 3 weeks ago it got down to about 17-18 and that hit the lettuces but not fatally. I did not cover them.

Back in November I pruned the berries, stuck some of the cuttings in the ground and gave the rest to a colleague.

Currently overloaded with arugula and cilantro for those who may want some.

This picture was from 2 weeks ago. The spinach was blanched w/ garlic.